During one of our earlier Lanesboro Area Art Trail events this year, I had a group of studio visitors at the studio participate in a raku firing. It got me thinking – maybe that would be a great addition to our Art Trail weekends.  

With three events remaining this fall, I’ll be offering a Raku Experience workshop during Lanesboro Area Art Trail weekends.  These workshops are targeted at folks with little or no pottery experience.  Each attendee will glaze a pre-made ornament, participate in the raku firing and take their ornament home that same day.

 More information is available by visiting the Raku Experience page on this blog.  Click HERE

2 thoughts on “Raku Experience

  • September 7, 2014 at 5:42 am

    When you have a Raku event how long do you let the glaze dry before firing a piece? When I Raku at home I usually let the piece dry overnight.

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