One of a kind ceramic pendant on an adjustable cotton cord.

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Pendants make excellent gifts!!! For your BFF, son’s girlfriend, yoga instructor, a co-worker or that babysitter who is always available when you need her. The perfect way to say thank you.

This one of a kind ceramic pendant is made from a combination of porcelain and stoneware clay which is then fired in a wood fired kiln. The glazed side of this pendant has an fun texture and is glazed with a wonderful matte turquoise glaze.

The unglazed side features a subtle area of unglazed clay surrounded by amber/gold color created as wood ash being deposited on the piece by the flame of the kiln melted to create the unique coloring,

The pendant is made into a necklace using brown 2mm waxed cotton cord knotted in a way that makes the necklace length adjustable to fit any neck line. It can be worn on the glazed side or the back side depending the look you want on any given day.

Pendant is approximately 1 5/16″ across and the cord length adjust to a max. of 20″.