I’m lovin’ it

Well, maybe not all of it. But definitely some of it.

After our second day of snow and a sort of frustrating day at work, I arrived home to a kiln that was cool enough to unload (it’s a little unusual for me to wait that long). This load had several sample place setting that will be going to Stones Throw Gallery in St. Peter. The yellow one was a little disappointing, but the other three look great. The yellow glaze looks great on a white clay, but on the buff colored clay this place setting is made from it isn’t as appealing to me.

There were also several mugs in this load. A few weeks ago, I showed these mugs after they’d been thrown and I was putting the slip stripes on them. The green one is gorgeous (except for the part where the glaze ran onto the shelf). You can still see the slip is white compared to the buff of the mug body. The one on the right is Iron Red with Sky Blue on the upper portion. It’s great too, but if you remember, I was going to try to bring more color into my cone 6 work rather than my typical earthy tones.

What do you think?

Pre-Spring Glazing

I don’t usually do much glazing until Spring, but I have some custom work that needs to get done. But yesterday, I glazed up everything that has a new home awaiting and I hope to fire them yet today. My normal process gets almost an entire years worth of sale inventory thrown and bisqued by late March. Then I start glazing enough to start my sales season and the rest of the summer, I just glaze as needed. April days in Minnesota are great for glazing lots of pots and letting them dry in the sun on the deck railing.

This process helps relieve some production pressure during the summer. I can still throw things as I’d like, but don’t have to hurry to get things made and fired for the next show. Since I also work full time, I often don’t have enough time between summer shows to accomplish much.

In the past I’ve used lots of brown/rust/red iron based glazes on my cone 6 work. Now that I’ve got my new woodfired kiln built, I’m thinking of filling my earthy brown pottery needs with pots from there and bringing more colors into my cone 6 firings. In the photo at the top of the post, the plates are a wonderful buttery yellow with green drizzled across and wine bottle coaster in the upper center of the photo is green with a medium blue drizzled across it. Well, that’s what I’m thinking right now anyway… I can always change my mind. Right?