Turquoise Glaze Test

A couple weeks ago, I mixed up a small batch of a glaze I’ve been meaning to try for a while.  I’ve had a great cone 10 Turquoise glaze really wanted to have something similar looking for cone 6 electric. Yesterday I ran the electric kiln and had a chance to run some tests tiles to see how the glaze performed.  

The test tiles seemed to turn out pretty well, but the glaze on this test mug didn’t see to do as well. The mug is made from a white cone 6 stoneware, where as the test tiles are buff stoneware coated with white slip.  I’ll need to test this glaze further to see if I can isolate why the mug bubbled so badly and the tiles didn’t.  
Something to working on tomorrow I guess.  Have a great week.

Firing With Friends

My friend Colleen Riley of Eureka Pots has been working on developing some cone 6 glazes to compliment her existing cone 10 soda line of glazes.  Since I had a cone 6 firing planned earlier this week, I invited Colleen to throw some of her tests in with my firing.  She’s got some great glazes in the works, and its going to be really difficult for her to narrow it down. 

Colleen reviewing her results

Berry bowls have been on my to do list lately so I had several in this kiln load as well as some mugs.  Ya can never have enough mugs.  

Have a great day.