Yesterday, I participated in a weekly street market in Rochester Minnesota called Thursday’s on First & 3rd.  The event has an amazing amount of traffic due to it’s proximity to the Mayo Clinic.  I’ve participated in lots of sales, shows, festivals and markets, but this one takes the First Place ribbon because it is so well organized.  The staff and volunteers do a phenomenal  job getting all the vendors to their spaces, unloaded, set up and back out again at the end of the day.  If you’re an organizer of this type of event, this group is the gold standard you want to try and match in my book.  

Way back in January, a local PBS station ran a piece on my pottery. It was really well done and great fun to participate in making the episode. Yesterday, a woman walked into my booth, looked at my pottery and then at me and said, “Were you just on PBS?”   “Well yes, in January”, I said.  “No, this morning”, she says. 

Huh – TV rookie that I am, I’d completely forgotten about re-runs. Anyway, it was kind of funny to have a complete stranger comment on seeing the episode. I’d had friends watch it and comment, but I’d never really had anyone else recognize me from it.  

Here is the blog version of a re-run –

Thursdays on First & 3rd

This Thursday you’ll find me and a large collection of my pottery at the street market in downtown Rochester MN called Thursdays on First & 3rd.  It’s usually a huge event and I’m hoping it will be a great pottery sales venue.  If you’re near Rochester, come down and see us.  There are countless food and art vendors and performers on two stages. Look for us on the far north end of the booths on First – see ya there. 


Found out I was accepted into Thursdays on First & 3rd in Rochester this year.  It’s a weekly market in downtown Rochester Minnesota near Mayo Clinic so it has awesome traffic.  Since this is my first year at this event, I’m just going to do one Thursday in June, July and August and see how it goes.  If it works well, then I’ll do more of them next year but it seems like a great alternative to weekend festivals.  Now I just gotta get some pots ready for it.  Have a great weekend.

Fun Day

Yesterday my friend Sheryl and I had a fun afternoon strolling the Thursday’s on First & 3rd market in downtown Rochester. Every Thursday Rochester has a street market on First Avenue around the 3rd Street area which is by Mayo Clinic. It’s a big event with artists, crafters, growers, food booths and two stages for performers. This week the downtown businesses were also having sidewalk sales which made the event even larger and actually took up some of the space usually used by the weekly vendors so some of them weren’t there this week. That was a little disappointing.

But we enjoyed the vendors who were there, and had a great lunch at Chesters (the restaurant in this photo). We had a well balanced meal of barbecue chicken sliders, french fries, old fashioned chocolate cake (to die for!!!) and mojitos. Quite a combo huh? I think we covered all the major food groups and it was excellent!