Rope Look?

Been having some fun with simple thumb dents on the bottom of some baking dishes this weekend.  It sort of makes a rope like look around the base.  These bakers will be wood fired so the simple texture around the base won’t distract from the magic the fire creates on the pieces. 

In addition to the bakers, I’ve got about a dozen salt and peppers on drying boards and a bisque running.  It was a fun and productive weekend.


I’ve been toying with making salt and pepper shakers for a couple years now and never came up with much that I was pleased with. Recently, I was inspired by fellow Etsy Mud Team member, Keith Phillips article in Pottery Making Illustrated.

These shakers are a little different from normal salt shakers as the bottom has a cone projecting into the shaker with a hole near the top. You pour salt in the cone like a funnel and into the shaker, flip it over and shake it so the salt sprinkles out the bottom.

Keith makes his more cylindrical, but I wanted to try a round version and may then try different shapes later. I’m more please with these, than any of my previous attempts. Definitely will keep working on it and hopefully get to something I make on a regular basis.

Have a great weekend.

What’s new?

Not much is new around here lately, how about with you?

Yesterday morning there was some wonderful hoar’s frost on everything, making the swamp behind the house look like a magical ice kingdom. But then we’re in Minnesota, so it is a magical ice kingdom I guess.

I got a lot done in the studio yesterday. Kevin was gone to the farm to clear the driveway of snow so when (if) the sun came out, the driveway would melt off nicely. So I used the time while he was away to load and run a bisque load in the kiln, rinse and wax a kiln load of pieces to get them ready for glazing, mixed up a couple glaze batches for some that are getting low. And threw several pieces.
One of the things I’m working on is a salt & pepper shaker design I’m happy with. Not really there yet, but enjoying the experiments. Here is yesterday’s version. Still not sure what I want them to be so I’ll keep trying different shapes and techniques until one speaks to me.
Today, I’ll sieve the glazes mixed yesterday and glaze a couple test pieces to go in the next glaze load. The bisque load I ran yesterday should be ready to unload late today and I’ll probably work on glazing the things I waxed yesterday. That of course all comes after spending a little time with my sweetie for Valentine’s Day. I might even get a few more pieces thrown today.
Be well.