In the home stretch

This past weekend we had our last event at the Lanesboro studio and have official closed the studio for the winter.  Having received our first significant snow for the season, I’m busy getting indoor things done today.

Like addressing post cards for my last sale of the season, photographing pots for my Etsy shop, and anything else I can think of to avoid having to shovel the driveway.  Maybe while I’m doing this, the sun will come up and melt everything so I won’t have to shovel.  It could happen.  

Anyway… also getting some glazing done for my next wood firing coming up in a couple weeks.  Lots of mugs in this load because I always seem to be short on mugs.  

Dots, stripes, swirls and panels – the most popular designs.

Thanks so much to everyone who has served or is serving.  Your sacrifices are greatly appreciate.  Have a great Veterans Day.

Seasons of Sunflowers

Continuing on my “Things that Bring Joy” theme.  Here are somethings this year that brought me seasons of joy.  Three seasons to be exact. 

We planted two 10′ wide strips of sunflowers on each side of our driveway and watching these sunflowers through the year has been a great source of joy. 

In the summer they are bright, cheery faces that greet me every time we drive by.

In the fall, they feed hundreds of goldfinches.  It was great fun to sit quietly near the fading flowers to watch the goldfinches pop in to feast on the seeds.

And most recently, in the winter, the dried but still standing sunflower stocks and flowers provide an interesting contract in the snowy landscape. 

I can’t wait to see them again next summer.

Snow Stats

The first day of snow for the season

Last night on the local news they said we’ve had snow 33 of the last 40 days. Wow!! More snow fell again today and there is snow in the forecast again for tomorrow. Now it is Minnesota and we’re pretty familiar with snow days. But this is getting a little old.

Earlier in the week fellow potter bloggers at Whynot Pottery in North Carolina were commenting on the snow they’ve been receiving in the south.

“but what is it about snow that is so distracting? Do people who live with this all the time just move along and don’t stop in wonder and amazement. Here in the south we want to get out the board games, put on the kettle, get out the needle point and sit by the fire. We can wait for it all to be gone.”

I hadn’t really thought about how ambivalent we are to the beautiful white stuff. We get up in the morning and brush snow off our car so we can drive to work. Clean it off again to go out to lunch and again to drive home from work. Ultimately, it becomes something we hardly think about.

Snow days in Whynot, North Carolina sound like a lot more fun than snow days here. Maybe I’ll have to work on that.

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Enjoy your snow everybody!!

Good Morning

The Upper Midwest woke up this morning to a beautiful covering of snow. It’s a little late here in Minnesota for our first snow, but we’ve had some unseasonable warm weather in it’s stead and I’m all for that too. But a snowy, dark day is an excellent day to spend in the studio.

I started the morning by unloading a glaze load from the kiln. This load included several bowls, wine bottle coasters, butter keepers and a couple mugs for a custom order. Since I’ll be spending a week in Rome with my kids, I’m trying to get some things done for my sale (The Goldsmith Reunion Fine Art Festival in Mankato) in December.

Also on the agenda for today is throwing more wine bottle coasters, mugs and miscellaneous pieces, mixing a small batch of Nuka and Amber Celadon, and mixing up the clay for wadding for a yet unscheduled woodfiring. Closer to the firing, I’ll mix in the organic matter, but for now I’ll just mix up the clays so that part will be ready. That’s just one more thing checked off my list of things to do before firing. The pots are made, my old glazes have been checked and tested, new glazes made, wadding for shelves and pots will get done today – one step at a time.

Have a great weekend.