Quiet Studio

Last weekend my studio helper Snuffles the wonder mutt moved to a new home (actually my daughter moved to a new home and took Snuffles with). So this weekend I was able to work in the studio without Snuffles’ constant demands for my attention. It was nice to not worry about her nudging my hands to be petted while I was finishing a rim or jumping up on the wheel work table when I didn’t give the attention she was seeking.

But, there was also no one there to talk to – it was just me talking to myself (which it was before, but it didn’t seem so weird when the mutt was there). When a great song came on the Ipod and I started dancing, no one was there
to dance with me – again, just me dancing (and hoping there were no secret cameras around).

On the plus side, I didn’t find a single shredded sponge laying about and no one made off with my piece of chamois when I wasn’t looking.

Enjoy your new home Snuffles (and Gabby and Will) and your B-clay free coat.

Studio Assistance

Snuffles the wonder mutt was very helpful in the studio today. There is enough clay on her to think she was an active participant in pottery making, but her role was mainly nudging my clay covered hands to pet her while I tried to make some things. A little gray hair on her, but mostly B Clay.

I did actually get a few things thrown, including several bottomless pieces that have been made into oblongs and will later have a slab bottom and handles attached. Oblong pieces are always fun to make.

Now – I’ve got to go give my studio assistant a little treat for being so much “help” today.

Have a great New Year’s Eve everybody!

Everyone Needs Help

I unloaded the kiln this morning bright and early. The berry bowl on the bottom edge of the photo above was an item ordered as a Mother’s Day gift so it was pretty critical that the kiln be unloaded today so they could pick it up. It it weren’t so cold here it might have even been warm yet when it gets picked up. That’s always fun selling a piece that is still warm from the kiln.

And I had lots of help with the unloading this morning. Snuffles the Wonder Mutt was in the studio since it was cold and wet outside. Her helping involved me throwing her squeaky toy between unloading every couple pots. She loves to be helpful that way.

Here’s a sampling of the pots that come out of the kiln today. I especially liked the Iron Red oblong vase near the back of the grouping.

Next I’m off to a plant sale southeast of New Trier Minnesota to pick up some additional perennials to put around the studio.

Mugs & stuff

I spent a little time this morning pulling handles for a couple dozen mugs I made earlier this week. Many potters hate making mugs because they don’t like making handles. It’s definitely not my favorite thing to do, but I’ve got a process now that works better for me so I don’t hate making them.

Because it’s about -14 outside today (that’s said 14 below if your from a place that doesn’t see temps like that), I’ve got my faithful companion Snuffles in the studio for the day. She’s a funny dog, but very demanding of attention. Silly puppy.

This afternoon, I’m working a shift at the Market on Oak with my friend Janie. It’s a little slow after the holidays but we have fun and there are delicious chocolates to snack on!! Stop in and see us if you out and about in the frigid Minnesota weather. There are lots of new Spring items to help you forget the cold and snow.

Be well and keep warm.