2013 Woodfiring Workshop

Due to some personal issues, I was regrettably forced to reschedule my 2013 Woodfiring Workshop.  A new date has been set and I’m excited to be promoting this new date.  Here is the new schedule:

Firing:     August 23-25, 2013
Unloading:     August 31, 2013

For more information on the workshop, click on the photo below to go to my workshop page.

Hope all you folks that were planning on the originally scheduled dates can join us on the new dates and maybe some additional folks find they are available now when they weren’t earlier.  

Have a great weekend everybody!!!

Minnesota Spring Thaw

I know so many other parts of the country have been experiencing Spring for quite a while, but here in Minnesota we are seeing our first day above 50 degrees since last fall.  It feels like it has been a very long and snowy winter.  When you combine a significant amount of snow, a short rain this morning and a 50 degree day, the quiet valley sees some major changes. 

This babbling stream and waterfall is usually a dry valley, but not today.

Blog Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to blog readers/followers

Sarah of Fabric Creations

If you haven’t received an e-mail or Etsy convo from me, please contact me at suepariseaupottery(at)charter(dot)net so I can get an address to send your pendant.

Thanks to all the new and existing followers of my blog and Facebook for helping me celebrate this 5 year blogging milestone.

Be well.

Tile Workshop

Today, a group of folks from Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption were in my studio for a tile making workshop.  They created lots of tiles, ornaments and other items with a greyhound theme.

I made these three tiles as a donation for their holiday boutique.

Themed tile workshops for an organization or as part of a friends creative gathering are lots of fun.  If you’re interested in participating in a workshop, contact me.

A Laugh

We’re just taking off to get set up for the last of our Thursdays on First and 3rd in Rochester for the year.  Where did the time go? 

I’ve seen this video a dozen times, but it still makes me laugh just before starting a show where I will answer the same questions repeatedly all day long.  

Hope you enjoy it too.

Click here to watch (can’t embed it – sorry)

OH MY!!! 200TH POST!

It’s my 200th post. 

Yah!! Happy Blog Milestone!!  Let’s celebrate by taking the day off and having fun.  Have a nice cold adult beverage on the deck and raise a glass (or bottle)  to the next 100 blog posts.

I appreciate your comments and interest in my sometimes pottery and sometimes “look at the stupid thing I did now” blog.  I hope you keep coming back and sharing with me.

Be well.