This is my first summer as a fully self employed person.  I’d previously spent many years working full time doing other things while being a potter part time as well.  Beginning as a young teen I worked summers full time while school was out and upon graduation, began a full time job. Working through the summers my entire adult life as well. So…it’s tempting to spend most of this summer like most the others of my life immersed in my work (though now more enjoyable work).  

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Makin’ stuff

I’ve got a number of things in progress right now which is a little unusual for me. I usually work through the process one step at a time, but right now I’ve got a little bit of stuff in each phase of the process. Shelves full of leatherhard stuff drying, greenware waiting to be bisqued, bisqued ware to be glazed and glazed waiting to be fired. Definitely not my normal process.

Anyway, today the kiln is running with a glaze load. And I’ve thrown some vases from raku clay to used as samples for an upcoming horsehair raku project I’m working on.

Here’s what I was listening to while working today. I love this Twin Cities group.

Hustle – A night in the box- Pizz Luce 08′

Mokie MySpace Video