New Mugs

I’ve been putting it off for a while, but this morning I finally got out and put up flyers for my wood-fire workshop in May so that’s getting closer to done.  Still have a few places I haven’t gotten to yet, but took a giant step forward today.  

After all that running around town in the snow, I settled in to throwing a couple dozen mugs, and a couple oblong vases.  I really enjoy making the oblong vases.  And I decided to make a very different style mug that my usual cooling tower shape.  These new mugs are very narrow at the bottom and have a very round, robust shape.  I really like them and think they’ll look great wood-fired with some dots or patterns on them. 

Tomorrow, I think I’ll make some salt and pepper shakers… maybe.  We’ll see what I feel like making then I guess. 

What’s New?

Well… let’s see.  Since most of my winter is devoted to making new inventory for summer sales, that’s where most of my time has been spent.  But nobody can be a slave to their summer inventory, right??

Last night I ran the first glaze firing I’ve done in nearly three months.  While it’s great to spend all the time just making, I really miss the part where you get to unload finished pieces.  Right now the kiln is a little too hot to unload, but that never stops me from peeking.  🙂  

My shelves of bisque ware for oxidation firing are nearly full and I’ve got enough bisque ware for at least one of the spring wood firings completed so far.  The next couple weeks will be spent making additional pieces for wood-firings before full scale glazing and firing begins.

It’s time to apply to summer sales.  Rochester, MN has a summer long weekly event called Thursdays on First & 3rd.  I’ve attended this event as a shopper in the past and it’s always seemed well organized and well attended.  Today I mailed my application to be a vendor at a few of the dates this summer.  So… I’m super excited about adding this event to my show calendar.  

That about it.  Next up… more throwing, blogging for the Bluff Country Studio Art Tour and finalizing handouts for my wood fire workshop in late May. 

Wood Firing Workshop

Join me for a wood firing workshop in picturesque Lanesboro Minnesota.  We’ll be glazing, loading and firing a bourry box wood-fired kiln over the weekend of May 25 – 27 and unloading the following Saturday, June 2. 
It’s an excellent opportunity to try this dynamic firing method and enjoy the company of other potters at a quiet, beautiful location in SE Minnesota.  

For more information about the workhop and how to register –  CLICK HERE