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I’ve enjoyed playing in the dirt since I was able to walk. Mud pies, digging for rocks, gardening, you name it, I had fun doing it. Much later in life, at a community education class, I discovered the joy of playing in clay. Since that discovery, I’ve taken advantage of various community studios and workshops to develop skills and explore firing techniques. In 2001, I established my home studio in Farmington, Minnesota which allows me to focus on the techniques and colors that speak to me (though it’s sometimes hard to hear over the music). Shortly after in 2003, I established Old Crow Studio in the beautiful bluff country of Southeastern Minnesota.

I love making pottery people use in their everyday life – for that first cup of coffee in the morning, serving the kids favorite meal or sneaking a bowl of ice cream before bed. Each of those occasions and so many more are made more joyful when experienced in handmade pottery.

My body of work is split between cone 6 oxidation firing and cone 10 wood firing which allows me to create very colorful pots from the electric kiln, but also some very earthy, organic looking brown pots from the wood kiln.

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Sue Pariseau
Sue Pariseau Pottery
PO Box 19
Lanesboro MN 55949
Phone – 651-307-6373
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