What’s New

There’s been lots of activity here, but not a lot that’s new.  Winter in Minnesota (even though it’s been an incredibly mild one) usually involves lots of catching up on activities that get put off while the weather is nice.  The past two weeks, we’ve gone to the movie theater twice and done dinner with friends numerous times.  We never get to do much of that during the summer with sales, firings and other outdoor activities taking priority.  

Along with all our socializing, I’ve been spending more time in the studio.  Throw, throw, throw, trim, trim, trim, bisque and stack in a storage tub for upcoming firings this spring and summer.  For the past few years I’ve been trying to make most of my work for summer shows during the winter so I can feel less stressed during the summers.  So far, it’s been pretty successful and I’m planning to stick with it. 

Hope your winter is going well and you too are able to spend some time catching up before busy spring and summer months.

Be well.

Wood Firing Workshop

Join me for a wood firing workshop in picturesque Lanesboro Minnesota.  We’ll be glazing, loading and firing a bourry box wood-fired kiln over the weekend of May 25 – 27 and unloading the following Saturday, June 2. 
It’s an excellent opportunity to try this dynamic firing method and enjoy the company of other potters at a quiet, beautiful location in SE Minnesota.  

For more information about the workhop and how to register –  CLICK HERE


Since there was an extreme lack of sunshine here in Minnesota today, I had to peek in the cooling kiln to get a glimpse of something bright. This large yellow bowl is the closest thing to sunshine I’m gonna see today. And its still warm enough to feel like sunshine (probably should have been a little more patient before unloading).