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Who’s tired of hearing about the economy?

I know I am and I’m betting you are too. So… no talk about the economy here. Actually, I’m suggesting an escape that will guarantee you don’t think about the economy or any of the negative, doom and gloom press that goes with it.

The 9th Annual Bluff Country Studio Arts Tour is the weekend of April 24 – 26, 2009 in the beautiful bluff country of southeastern Minnesota. The tour is a rare opportunity when artists open their studios to the public in an areas where the views are consider works of art. Below are images of the inside and outside of the tours brochures.

I’m artist #23, but can be found at Clover Gallery in Harmony, which is participant #22. In the spring, the driveway into our studio is usually pretty muddy so Clover Gallery has agreed to be my host. There will be demonstrations throughout the weekend at many of the locations. I’ll be working on the wheel outdoors if the weather cooperates, or demonstrating texturing techniques inside if it doesn’t.

Please come out to visit me and the many other talented artists participating in the tour while you take a pleasant drive in this historic area.