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I must admit to breathing a huge sigh of relief today after delivering my last custom order for the year. This nice collection of garlic keepers came out of the kiln this morning and were quickly delivered to the shop to be picked up. We celebrated this annual milestone by having an adult beverage and going out to dinner. Woo hoo!!!!

With that being completed, I hope to take the next couple weeks off before getting into a new cycle of throwing, trimming, firing, glazing and re-firing. About 80% of what I produce each year is thrown from January to March. I stockpile tubs of bisque pieces which I rely on during the summer when I’d rather be doing summer things. It’s just a process that works well for me.

Then poof – before you know it, it’s Spring. The Bluff Country Studio Art Tour is upon us and my busy season begin.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody.