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I opened the kiln to empty a glaze load today. As so often happens, some pieces are just OK and others exceeded my expectations. Maybe my expectations are too low, but it saves being overly disappointed if things don’t go as expected. This load had a couple shelves of mugs which I’d been running dangerously low on. Here is a pair I really liked from this load.

This load also had several wine bottle coasters which is something fairly new in my line. They are slightly larger around than a wine bottle and keep the drips that run down the bottle from staining your table. I hate when that happens and I’m banking on other people do too. They are also good fillers between larger things in the kiln. Check this one out. It’s kinda hard to see the design on the coaster, but it is the same beige color as the mugs with iron red dots around the rim.

Well, back to glazing for me. Visit again soon.