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Today was glazing day. For several weeks I make pottery, bisque firing as I have a full kiln load. And then when I’ve probably got three or four bisque loads stockpiled, I spend a day or two waxing the foot rings and glazing everything. The kiln gets loaded and the first glaze load starts to make its way up to Cone 6 (approx 2165 degrees F). Most of what gets glazed doesn’t fit in the first glaze firing but there will be several more over the next two weeks. What doesn’t fit gets stacked, wrapped and stored to see how it fits in the next firing. I’ve mentioned this before, but glaze firings are like Christmas. I can’t wait to throw the kiln door open and see how everything turned out. Now I patiently (my husband would argue with this point) wait until Monday to see which piece is the prize of this load. Check back to see what beauties emerge.