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The 8th Annual Goldsmith Reunion Fine Art Festival began yesterday in Mankato. It’s one of the few indoor shows I do each year so it provides an opportunity to display things differently and decorate a bit differently for the holiday season.

The weather certainly is not helping since a snowstorm has settled over the area dropping several inches of snow over the freezing rain that started last night. Up to 12″ are supposed to fall by the time this storm is over and the wind is supposed to pick up blowing the fresh snow over the flat prairies that surround this area. Rather than driving the 60 miles back home each night, we’ve opted to get a room in the hotel adjacent to the Mankato Civic Center where the show is being held.

This show has lots of fun artists attending, live music throughout the day and wine sampling. The snowfall may reduce the buyers attending the show today, but at least there we’ll have some fun.

Well – the show starts in half an hour so I suppose we should make the short skyway trek to the venue.

Be well.