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With our record snow fall of the past winter melting and the rain we’ve been getting lately, the stream and wetland behind the house have really been rising and filling up. We can’t normally see water from the house, but today, it’s just a couple hundred feet away. With more rain and snow due the next couple days, I hope it doesn’t come up much higher.

On the pottery front, I unloaded another glaze load today. A while back I’d mentioned changing my clay body and hoping to focus on more colors in my cone 6 work. The lighter, smoother clay body works really well for texturing pieces. And the brighter colors break well over the texture. Here’s the rim of a large bowl glazed in the deep grass green glaze.

The photo below is a close up of the grass green and bright sky blue glaze combination I’ve used on a rectangle platter. I love how the blue on the green give it a watery look.

Also in this kiln load was several mixing bowls, yarn bowls and mugs. So far I’m liking the clay body change and the brighter colors.

Have a great week.