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A very hardworking crew came down last Saturday to help us put trusses on the future kiln shed. Some had a great deal of experience with this type of thing, others had less experience, but were quick to learn and help anyway needed. Me… I ran the camera. Someone had to do it, an undertaking of this sort, must be documented. I also had the difficult task of providing food and beverages for the group. Boy, was I exhausted.

Thank you very much to Daniel Rude, Michael Rude, Dale Matthees, Brandon Lunde, Jason Hustad, Bernie Kolnberger, Tom Budnik and Corey Carlson for their hard work getting the roof trusses up on such a cold, windy day.

The Boss & The Bosses Boss coming up with a game plan for the day (can you hear the gears turning?)
Trusses up and bracing in progress

Left to right – Brandon Lunde, Michael Rude, Dale Matthees, Daniel Rude, Kevin (the roadie), Bernie Kolnberger enjoy a refreshment after their days work

Jason Hustad

Tom Budnik

Corey Carlson