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My less than stellar progress this week in the studio is mostly because I’m a wimp. I hate the cold. I can get past temps in the 20’s and get lots done. But below 0 and I’m toast. I just want to curl up on my couch with my blanket and hot chocolate. No way, no how, am I going out in the studio (a well heated space that is often warmer than our house when the kiln is running) to do anything.

It’s was -30 °F this morning here in the frozen north. That’s said “30 below” not “negative 30” if you’re not from a place that see temps like that.

The weatherman says we’re going to see a warm up the next couple days so I’m looking forward to that and getting back in the studio away from my blanket and hot chocolate (my butt doesn’t need much more of that). It’s supposed to get to around 30°F this weekend which will be a 60° warm up and it will still be below freezing. Minnesotans are pretty hardy folks, but this is ridiculous.