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I’ve been called a Gadget Geek on more than a few occasions. My first impulse is to deny it, but it might be true, maybe I am a gadget geek. I think it’s all about how you define gadgets. If we’re talking about tools that make something I’d do anyway easier, then yes, I proudly admit my love of gadgets. But if we’re taking about gadgets, as in gotta have the latest, greatest. Then no, I’m definitely not that kind of gadget geek. Gadgets just for the sake of owning the latest gadget doesn’t really interest me, but I love a gadget that makes my life or pottery making easier and/or better.

My favorite pottery tool is this awesome Brown trimming tool. I’ve been using it for about two years and absolutely love it. It’s reasonable priced and the loop parts are replaceable. I used to have to buy whole new trimming tools when the loop got dull. Now I can just remove the dull one off and put a new loop on. Love it!!

Some of my most used tools are very low tech like the collection of sponges and wooden ribs above or the ear of corn used for texturing pieces shown below.

A month or so ago, I picked up a little netbook. It felt a little frivolous. But I’ve found it’s been a really reasonable way for me to keep up with computer tasks when I wouldn’t normally have computer access. Do I need to blog, edit photos, list new items on Etsy, track income & expenses or maintain extensive mailing lists at any moment? No, but it really has a huge impact on the growth of my business. And the netbook helps me do that more efficiently.

Call me a geek if ya want, but I think tools were invented for us to use them. Where would we all be if our ancestors didn’t use the newest tools invented for them?