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Where do I even begin???

Over the past two week period we’ve been having a small bourry box kiln built at the farm/studio. The crew here to do the construction was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job with the construction and explaining the construction process.

While I’d have preferred to post several progress reports and focus on specific aspects of the construction, I was without Internet access most of the time. So instead, here is one long post with many pictures from the construction. Thanks so much to Donovan Palmquist and his crew, Judah and Al for building this wonderful kiln and putting up with the rainiest two weeks of July I’ve seen. (Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it sure seemed like we had rain constantly)

Now, I move on to the next step of finishing up enough pots and getting wood cut for the first firing. I’ll have to fit that in between making some of my Cone 6 oxidation work for upcoming shows. So… first firing may be a month or so out yet.