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What can I say – sometimes time gets away from me. I think I read somewhere recently, that’s one of the ways to know you’re really enjoying what you’re doing. Well, I must be having a blast, because I’ve completely forgotten about posting some of the new creations from the studio. BAD BLOGGER!

With the arrival of spring, I’ve started the time of year characterized by very little time in my home studio and more time spent at the farm studio. Here are a few oblong pieces I made a week ago at the farm. They’ve been drying slowly so as not to develop any cracks. We’ll see how that plan worked after they’ve been bisqued. These are about 15″ – 16″ long. One has a ruffled rim, while the other has a split rim. They are fun to make.

This past weekend, I made several bottles and vases with slip stripes down the sides. I’m getting ready for a second firing of the wood kiln the weekend before July 4th and I’m hoping to have more of these made for that firing. Also in the background of the vase are a few oblong vases with a stamped decoration on the front.

Well, there you have it – that’s what I’ve been up to. Hope you’re having a great spring and I’ll try to not be so lost in the studio I don’t keep in touch.

Be well.