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In my last post, I showed you an oblong platter I’d made using a wooden bowl as a mold. The shape and process have really been speaking to me and I’ve made several more since that last post. They measure about 13″l x 9″w and about 1″ deep. The process of decorating them with trails for slip (thick liquid clay) is something I really enjoy. And if you don’t like how it’s turning out, you can just wipe it off with a sponge and start over. Here is one glazed in a rutile green glaze.

And the one below is glaze in deep iron red with one end dipped in sapphire blue which creates a mottled black appearance. The black end is also incised with a ribbon tool creating the subtle lines after it is glazed. I’ve also added three slip dots on the red end of the platter.

Right now the kiln is full of bisqued pieces and I’m waiting patiently for it to cool to an acceptable temperature so I can unload it. Patience is not one of my strong points. I’ll unload tomorrow and then will begin a weekend of glazing pieces from my last couple bisque loads. And then the cycle begins again. Throw, bisque, glaze, sell.

Take care and thanks for visiting.