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This past weekend, my husband put the next layer of mud on the oven. I wasn’t able to be around, so there are quite a few less photos, but he was busy with the mud so I guess that’s OK.

First he cut the door area out of the first layer of mud he’d applied a couple weeks ago. It’s very important to keep the door to a certain proportion to the size of the oven.

Next, the door needed to be shaped and softened. Would you believe an empty beer can was the perfect tool to smooth the inside curve of the door opening? Unfortunately, all our beer cans were full and one (just one??) needed to be emptied to be used.

Then it was time for the next layer of mud. This layer was a combination of clay, crushed insulating fire brick and straw. It is a little thinner than the first layer, but will be covered with yet another layer in the coming week or two.

As a related project, we’re looking for a 10″ or less peel to get things in and out of the oven door. We might need to make something appropriate if we can’t locate one. And of course by “we”, I mean Kevin. Anybody have any suggestions?

Check back again to read about the final mud layer and eventually, our first baking.

Be well.