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The last couple weekends my Roadie has been busy cutting wood for winter or spring firings.  We bought several bundles of small slab wood from the local mill.  They burn great and are conveniently delivered to just a couple hundred feet from the kiln.  

It’s important to wear your personal protective gear when using a chain saw… especially if your wife has a camera and you know she’ll be posting the photos on her blog.

We (a term used loosely as I don’t really do any of the cutting) cut the bundles while they are still banded.  Two cuts to make each slab into three pieces that are the perfect length for the kilns firebox.  Once it’s all cut, we (I do however actually do this part) stack the wood on pallets so they can be easily moved when needed for firing.

We’ve got about 9 pallets cut now which should last through three firing.  Now I just need to get some pots done so we can burn all that wood.