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Earlier this week, fellow potter & blogger, Michael Kline challenged the makers of clay things to get working early the next day and make twelve things before 12:00 noon. Since this was on Tuesday, I had to wait until yesterday to even attempt this since I was at my day job on Wednesday and Thursday.

Yesterday, I got up and through my morning routine. I had to take some things to the Market on Oak, but figured I’d be home in time to get twelve of something done (ever the optimist ya know). I didn’t get home from the Market until 11:45 so nothing got made yesterday before noon. In the afternoon, I trimmed several pieces from earlier in the week and did manage to throw 15 butter keeper bases.

Today, I again had hopes of accomplishing the challenge Michael had put forth. After completing my walk on the treadmill because it’s too icy, slippery for outside walks here. Checked Facebook, other blogs, my e-mail and Etsy, then had some breakfast. Completed several show applications and got those in the mail and then headed out to the studio. Still needed more butter keepers so I figured I might as well make twelve or more of those today.
And I was making great progress. About 1/2 through my daughter was leaving for work, this is really our only time to catch up so we visited for a while. Then hubby came home from his errands, we visited and he offered to make me lunch. Lunch – of course!

So around 1:15 I finished the butter keeper bases. A little late, but it’s noon somewhere right? Maybe the best thing we can take away from this is a better understanding of our work habits and how to organize our day around when we work best.
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