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Happy New Year everybody!

It’s a time of hope for what the New Year could bring and also a time of reflection. How did last year go? What went really well? What made it work? What could be improved? It’s time to close the books (literally and metaphorically) on 2008 and determine our course of action for the promising New Year.

In 2008, I worked harder at being a potter than I ever have in the past. In spite of poor economic conditions, my sales increased and I’ve added several new and valued customers. I started this blog and have found it and my Etsy shop to be valuable and enjoyable communication and sales tools. Some of my sales venues were better than others and I’ve decided I need to evaluate them on an effort vs. reward level for the upcoming year. For the most part, the goals I’d set for 2008 have been met and exceeded and I feel great about that.

My goals for 2009 have been formulating in my head for months. They include fairly typical goals for any small business. Stuff like, continued sales growth both in numbers and dollars, additional sales venues, attending an educational workshop, use of available technologies to make my job easier – the usual stuff. But one of my most anticipated goals is to get a shed and wood-fire kiln built at Old Crow Studio in the bluff country of SE Minnesota. I’ve been planning and saving for a long time and this summer I hope to accomplish this goal with the help of Master Kiln Builder, Donovan Palmquist.

Until construction season arrives here in the frozen north, I’ll pass my time writing blogs, applying to sales venues, updating my Etsy store and keeping my drying shelves well stock with just thrown pottery.

I hope you check back again to see what’s new here and how I’m doing on my 2009 goals.

Happy New Year to you.