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Few people would describe me as a patient person. So when I find myself in the situation where clay is still too wet to work on, rather than force it with a heat gun or work on it while it’s still too wet and risk damage, I declare it is time for a patience break. This usually means I leave the studio for a bit and distract myself by doing something totally different. Sometimes it’s a household task like laundry or dinner I use to occupy the time. But today, I’m using a patience break to write this post while waiting for just thrown items to firm up enough to move them from bats to drying boards.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love creative networking. Most recently I paid a long overdue visit to a potter responsible for some of my first experiences with wood firing.

Sarah Dudgeon operates The Potter’s House near Amery Wisconsin overlooking the Apple River. Many years ago, Sarah converted a character infused old general store to her home and studio. The front of the old store, with its wood floors and tin ceiling, serves as her display/sale area and studio space, while the back of the store functions as living quarters for Sarah and her husband. Near the back of her property, behind the store, she built a shed and wood-fired kiln.

When I met Sarah besides making and selling her pottery, she was doing wood fire workshops for the Edina Art Center and I was privileged enough to fire with her several times. Some of my favorite pieces to date have come from firings done at Sarah’s.

I love the round, robust shapes Sarah makes and the glazes compliment her designs perfectly. They are colorful and earthy, bringing life to the somewhat whimsical wax resist patterns she is always refining and perfecting. Here is my favorite mug filled with cinnamon hot chocolate, ready for a quiet evening on the couch (it’s Minnesota ya’ know, snowing, blowing and cold)

Pay a visit to Sarah’s web site or look her up at one of the shows she’s doing this year. She’s a talented artist and a joy to visit with.

Thanks for reading. Be well.