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Saturday I received the bisque fired pieces I’d made while attending a workshop on texturing wheel thrown pottery in Virginia . Seeing the boxes when I arrived home from a long day at a sale was kind of a cross between Christmas morning and exploring in the attic. My daughter and I sat on the floor in the dining room and ripped open the boxes. My husband teased us a bit about being like a couple little kids and then snapped this picture. We dug through the big boxes to find more boxes protecting the individual pots, which were all wrapped very carefully in several layers of newspaper. All the pots arrived in excellent condition thanks to the excellent packing skills of the workshop instructor Sarah McCarthy. Opening each small box was like opening presents on Christmas morning because I didn’t know what would be in the box. After unwrapping the item, it was like exploring in the attic and finding the thing would put up there and were now re-united with.

“Oh yeah, this was a cool piece” was said more than a couple times. Today, I’ll start preparing them to be glazed and put some more of those pictures out here for you. Check back soon to see what’s new. Be well.