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Here’s a fun little ewer from my last firing

It hasn’t been a really productive week for me in the studio. I did manage to get most of my kiln repairs completed, but am still waiting for the new vent I ordered. Due to a mix-up with the order it probably won’t be delivered until early next week, so I won’t get the kiln all back together until later in the week. During my wait for parts, I’ve filled all my shelves and spare tables with green, bisque and glazed ware (as well as kiln sections). My kiln shelves have a nice white coat of kiln wash waiting to be put to use. I’d hope to get some of the stuff that is sitting fired and ready for my upcoming art tour next weekend, but that doesn’t sound too realistic right now.

On the positive side, it was a beautiful Spring Minnesota day with lots of sun and 70 degree temperatures. This evening as it cools, the neighbors have an oak fire in the back yard that smells great. I’m all caught up on my paper and computer work, ready for a weekend of glazing.
Remember to stop in and see me during the Bluff Country Art Tour next weekend. Be well