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This weekend I spent my studio time in the early stages of stockpiling pieces for summer sales. Of course this was all fit between shopping, errands, a movie with my husband and the many other pleasant weekend activities, but that’s not what this blog is about. During the early months of the year, I like to make as many of the smaller, frequently sold items as I can. They are bisqued as I have a kiln full and then stored in tubs to be glazed throughout the year as they are needed. It’s not the most fun because making the same thing over and over again is so repetitive, and doesn’t allow for much creativity. But later I’m very grateful for the time spent getting ahead on these items so I can spend the more limited summer time on creative pieces.
Above is a picture of the start of many syrup pitchers. They’ve been thrown, trimmed and are awaiting handles. As a reward after making a couple drying boards full of these little pitchers, I made one fun piece at the end of the day. Woo hoo – living large and having a blast, huh? Well I enjoy it 🙂
Have a great week.