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I haven’t been feeling so good for the last couple weeks so today was really my first opportunity to get some work done in the studio. Over the past couple months; I’ve bisque fired hundreds of pieces. Today, I began glazing and still have a long way to go.

A customer who has several horses asked me to make a collection of horse hair raku pieces using hair from their horses. The new house they are building has a perfect niche to feature this collection. I haven’t done any raku in several years, so it’s a very exciting diversion from what I’ve been working on lately. Here is a photo of several of the pieces I threw today. I still have three more to throw tomorrow to complete the collection.

This winter has been a productive time for me getting many of the items I’ll sell this summer thrown. Soon they’ll be glazed and then I look forward to working on some larger, more creative pieces. Cleaning the studio wouldn’t hurt either, but that’s not much fun so it’s easy to put off.

Thanks for stopping by. Visit again soon.