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This is my first summer as a fully self employed person.  I’d previously spent many years working full time doing other things while being a potter part time as well.  Beginning as a young teen I worked summers full time while school was out and upon graduation, began a full time job. Working through the summers my entire adult life as well. So…it’s tempting to spend most of this summer like most the others of my life immersed in my work (though now more enjoyable work).  

However, with a great deal of “OMG, I’ve become a master slacker” guilt, I’ve taken more time this summer to just enjoy the time rather than work straight through it.  Though still producing a good quantity of pottery and attending a few events, I’ve been spending more time just enjoying a summer free of work obligation, lunching with friends, watching the daily changes in the garden, reading the Outlander series and so many things I hadn’t the time for in a long time.  I put on “real shoes” a few days ago to go to a funeral and realized I’d spent the last several weeks barefoot or in sandals.  Perfect!

Enjoy your summer in whatever way possible.  They are so short, especially here in Minnesota.

Oh…and a subtle vase let’s the flowers be the focal point. The earthy woodfired color adds natural beauty without overpowering or distracting.