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Like so many others, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is a time when I like to look back at the year, reflect and focus on the upcoming year.  One of the things I’ve really thought about this past year are the things that bring me joy. It’s often in very small ways, but still they bring a smile to my face or joy to my heart. Today, I’d like to share some photos of one of the places that bring me joy. 

My husband and I own 40 acres in a small farming community of Lanesboro, Minnesota.  When it was purchased, there was nothing on the property but a well that hadn’t been used in decades.  Since that time, we’ve had a driveway built, brought power into the site, constructed a small building to operate as my studio with a sleeping loft above, established a “yard”, constructed a kiln shed and had a bourry box kiln built there. 

While this was all a great deal of work, it brings me so much joy when I look back to where we started and how the site has changed.  In addition to the sense of accomplishment in making this site “ours”, the quiet, peaceful nature of the areas hills and valleys brings me even greater joy.  

We love the place it has become and the peace we feel when we are there. 

What brings you joy?