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I started out writing about how unexpected things like dealing with family health issues can upset the apple cart of life but then realized it just sounded like whining.

Every day we choose how to spend our time and lately I’ve spent more time than I intended on other things besides pottery making. The full time job takes its required time each week and then the rest of the time is split between making pottery, family responsibilities, relaxation and occasionally helping a friend at her shop. But when unexpected things take some of that time away, we must adapt. I must adapt my expectations of my pottery work schedule. Not adapting would mean giving up other thing I enjoy in my day, like a little time catching up with online friends or watching a movie with my daughter on her day off so I could get the pottery done I anticipated. Those things are too treasured to be given up so readily.

So this week, I’ve not gotten much pottery done. I haven’t listed any new items in my shop, photographed any pieces or applied to any shows. But I did have a nice time watching a movie with my daughter, had dinner with my husband each evening, visited with family more than I normally would and spent a little time with the winter sun shining on my face. And those things are way more special than any piece of pottery I’d have made in that time. This weekend I may have some extra time to catch up or maybe not.