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Last Monday, Becky Brandow of Willow Avenue Pottery joined me to unload the wood kiln we’d fired the weekend before.  Between the firing and pizza party we had during the firing, I didn’t manage to get any photos of the firing itself.  Didn’t even get my traditional pic of the loaded kiln before we brick up the door.  Apparently I don’t deal well with distractions.  Oh well…the photos would have looked just like my previous firings anyway.

Becky is planning a kiln build for this summer so she brought a bunch of glaze test cups as well as a collection of other work to join my usual body of work for this firing.  

 Overall, we had a really good firing.  There are always some pieces that get blasted by ash or serious glaze runs, but most needed just light sanding.  

Here’s some of the results.




Time to mix a couple new glaze batches and start of new round of work for my April firing.