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I unloaded the kiln this morning bright and early. The berry bowl on the bottom edge of the photo above was an item ordered as a Mother’s Day gift so it was pretty critical that the kiln be unloaded today so they could pick it up. It it weren’t so cold here it might have even been warm yet when it gets picked up. That’s always fun selling a piece that is still warm from the kiln.

And I had lots of help with the unloading this morning. Snuffles the Wonder Mutt was in the studio since it was cold and wet outside. Her helping involved me throwing her squeaky toy between unloading every couple pots. She loves to be helpful that way.

Here’s a sampling of the pots that come out of the kiln today. I especially liked the Iron Red oblong vase near the back of the grouping.

Next I’m off to a plant sale southeast of New Trier Minnesota to pick up some additional perennials to put around the studio.