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There are lots of pots that don’t turn out like I’d hoped.  They don’t necessarily have any flaws, but they just didn’t meet the expectations I had for them and I’m therefore disappointed in them.  I’ve learned to curb my feelings for these pots because they frequently end up being the ones other people love.  Those people had no expectation for that pot and love it just the way it is.  Kind of like we want to be like just for who we are.  

Then there are other pots that not only don’t meet my expectations, but have some serious flaw.  Wood-firing creates more of those pots than some other methods so I’ve been getting quite a number of those pots as well.  People often ask what I do with pots I can’t sell because they didn’t “turn out”.  Well, anything usable frequently ends up in my cupboard or one of the kids homes.  Those that can’t be used are sometimes used for target practice.  

This cracked vase with otherwise great wood fired color recently experienced such a fate. 


Nice grouping huh?