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This past weekend we had a party at the farm/studio in SE Minnesota. The weather was a little hot and humid, but the breeze made the weather tolerable. Otherwise it was all about good friends, good food and some adult beverages. On Friday morning my husband and I along with one of the 1st of the guest went to a little restaurant/store just a mile or so from the farm called the Highland Store.

It was established in 1892 and has been operated by several different families since that time. The current owner Vicky serves great organic breakfast and lunch every Sunday through Friday. This particular Friday morning I was enjoying my multi-grain waffle and visiting with Iris our server. I mentioned to Iris that I was a potter and her reply surprised me. “I’ve been praying to meet a potter.” Not world peace or saving the starving children, but meeting a potter. Wow, I don’t get that kind of reception very often.

Turns out, Iris makes great deep dish pies and her deep dish pie plate she had custom made for her in Washington many years ago had developed a crack. She’s been looking for someone to make a new one. I was happy to help out (especially knowing it was going to be used to make deep dish pies that I would eventually enjoy at the Highland Store). On Friday afternoon I made two pie dishes for Iris. I hope she likes them and makes some delicious pies.

It’s kinda funny how things happen like that. Deep dish blackberry pie – can you taste it?? I can’t wait.