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I had a pretty long “to do” list this weekend and made good progress, but it’s still only half done. When I’m writing it, I know I’ve got a longer list than can be accomplished on a weekend, but if I put everything down, sometimes I can find things that fit together better than if I have to rely on my memory (never a good thing).

Yesterday, Kevin and I took a trip down to Harmony Minnesota to drop off a custom order and stop at our farm near Lanesboro. It was a great day for a drive and the snow at the farm was very pretty. It was a good thing we stopped to check everything out, because the door of the studio was open a couple inches for who knows how long. The heat is set at about 40 degrees, but I’m sure it was running 24/7 for quite some time.

Since a friend is opening a new fiber studio, I’ve got yarn bowls running in a glaze fire today. This is my first run at that very popular item so I hope they turn out well. After getting all my glazing done, I threw some new mug shapes (I’ll show those later after they’ve gotten handles) and then put some time in at the slab roller making a couple platters.

Have a great week everybody!!