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Yesterday, the bricks for my new kiln were delivered. Yah!!!! Later this week construction of the kiln will begin. Bigger YAH!!!!!

We rented a forklift to unload the bricks and fortunately, the rental place delivered a large one than we needed, but didn’t charge us for the upgrade. We took advantage of the larger lift to upright our old wind mill that had been down since we had some well work completed. Yah! It still need some work, but for now it is standing and that’s a big, difficult step. Amazingly, the grape vines that had been growing on it previously made it through all the moving and are still hanging there.

Between all the delivery trucks and watching Kevin play in the forklift I couldn’t help but admire these little lilies blooming in my garden. The colors are amazing.

I’ll post more kiln pictures as I can. This is so exciting!