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Lanesboro Minnesota, long known as the Bed and Breakfast Capital of Minnesota was recently named one of America’s Top Twelve Art Places.  With the intent of expanding the areas artistic spectrum, a few artists in the Lanesboro Minnesota area got together to discuss the creation of an ongoing open studio event.  The result of those discussions was the creation of a series of group, scheduled open studio weekends from June through November each year called the Lanesboro Area Art Trail. 

The first of these open studio weekends will take place September 20 – 21 with three artist studios participating. 

I’m proud to be one of the participating artist studios and so excited to be involved in this new event.  The last couple months have been a whirlwind of getting dates nailed down, rack cards made, maps and brochures printed, signs printed, photos and info from artists, a web site created and ads ready for Minnesota Public Radio.  It’s all coming together nicely.

The Lanesboro area in the fall is stunning.  With three open studio dates scheduled for this fall, I hope you can come out to visit our studios and see the beautiful and inspiring artistic spaces where we create. 

For more information on the Lanesboro Area Art Trail dates and participating studios, click HERE and find us on FACEBOOK.