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I’m usually not one to pay attention to many milestones in life. I rarely remember how old I am. I spent nearly an entire year saying I was 46 only to find out at my birthday that I was then turning 46.

This post is something of a milestone and I debated about how I should recognize/celebrate my 100th blog post. I thought I’d post about something special, but didn’t have anything special come to mind. Ponder it some more, a week went by. Still nothing special popped into my head. Must be writer’s block or something but I’ve got nothing.

So – here it is. My 100th post. A little lacking in substance but a milestone just the same. I’ve got a glaze load running in the kiln so maybe the next post will have some wonderful new pieces to share.

I think I’ll go toast my 100th blog post with an adult beverage. Have a great week.