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We had great weather at the Northfield Riverfront Arts Festival for our last show of the summer. It was just beautiful all weekend — a little chilly in the shade in the morning, but that quickly gave way to a sunny, breezy, 70 degrees.

A couple times we had some pretty good wind gusts, one of which blew a plate off the shelf and onto the pavement. This caused a collective “oh” from everyone who heard it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the first broken pot of the day as I’d dropped a bowl while setting up earlier in the day. It made for a nice green and blue collection of shards to become future mosaic art.

After packing up at the end of the show many of the artists met on the patio to have an adult beverage and compare notes before heading our separate ways. It’s great to be able to spend a little time sharing our successes, disappointments and funny stories at the end of a sale and the beverage is a bonus.

I left my camera unattended for just a second and look at the scary photo I found when I was downloading the sale photos.

Hope you all have a great week.