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After a few hours of throwing new pots this weekend, I’ve got a dozen berry bowls, 8 yarn bowls, three large bowls and a dozen mugs on drying boards. I think I’ve got one more weekend (maybe more, but I’m not counting on it) of throwing left before I begin the glazing and firing marathon to be ready for the Bluff Country Studio Art Tour in late April.

Additionally, the first firing of the wood kiln constructed last summer will be the weekend of April 8th. Being the planner that I am (sarcasm!!) I’m working to have everything ready for that as well. It’s so hard to think of everything I’m going to need for this first firing. I’m sure I’ll forget something and there we’ll be hours away from any supplies needed. Here’s what I’ve thought of so far, all you wood fire gurus out there take a look and see what’s missing.

I’ve got:

  • hundreds of glazed pots
  • shelves
  • pyrometer
  • wadding for the shelves
  • different wadding for the pots
  • several cords of dry wood, split and stacked
  • help

It’s much too short a list, there must be dozens of things missing. I’d appreciate any help you can send my way.

Have a great week.