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The last few weeks I’ve spent catching up on custom orders. Some orders were for holiday gifts though many were not. I’m getting pretty close to done with most of my custom orders and that’s a pretty good feeling. One of the bigger orders was for 20 dinner plates. So far, 18 have been thrown and trimmed but I’ll make another 6 just in case some get damaged or don’t work out in some way. Making plates always creates so much trimming clay to recycle. After trimming the 18 plates I had a mountain of trimmings around the wheel.

I strongly dislike recycling clay. I just don’t enjoy the process and spending the time on this type of task takes away from the time I can throw new pieces. Fortunately for me, my husband (Kevin, aka my roadie) has a new project for next Spring. He’s going to be making a mud bread oven and needs a significant amount of clay to create the domed baking area. Awesome – it saves me from having to spend the time recycling it into throwing clay but it will still be used for a good purpose.

As he’s building the oven next Spring, I’ll have a few updates on his progress here. Stay tuned.