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Last weekend my studio helper Snuffles the wonder mutt moved to a new home (actually my daughter moved to a new home and took Snuffles with). So this weekend I was able to work in the studio without Snuffles’ constant demands for my attention. It was nice to not worry about her nudging my hands to be petted while I was finishing a rim or jumping up on the wheel work table when I didn’t give the attention she was seeking.

But, there was also no one there to talk to – it was just me talking to myself (which it was before, but it didn’t seem so weird when the mutt was there). When a great song came on the Ipod and I started dancing, no one was there
to dance with me – again, just me dancing (and hoping there were no secret cameras around).

On the plus side, I didn’t find a single shredded sponge laying about and no one made off with my piece of chamois when I wasn’t looking.

Enjoy your new home Snuffles (and Gabby and Will) and your B-clay free coat.