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Sometimes it’s nice having help in the studio. And sometimes, it’s not really helpful. My daughter’s pooch, Snuffles, frequently is by my side while I’m working. Occasionally, she gets her nose a little too close to moving parts or she wanders off with a sponge which apparently makes a fun dog toy. But when she doesn’t feel she’s getting adequate attention, she occasionally likes to get right up in the action. Silly puppy!

In spite of all this help, I’ve continued my efforts to stockpile the items most frequently sold during my summer sales. Throwing in a few fun, creative pieces as the fun wears off making 40 spoon rests in a sitting. I’ve recently been making some plates that start out like a typical thrown salad size plate, but after trimming the foot ring, I reshape the rim to a rounded square shape. I really enjoy the altered shape and think when they’re paired with a thrown dinner plate they make a great place setting. The hardest part is catching them at the right stage of drying to be able to trim the foot ring yet the rim isn’t too dry to cut smoothly with a sharp knife. If it gets too dry, the edge of the rim crumbles and chunks off instead of cutting cleanly. But challenges are part of the fun. Right?

Be well and stop in for a visit again soon.